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All Florida residents ‘should be prepared to evacuate’: governor

All Florida residents ‘should be prepared to evacuate’: governor

Florida Governor Rick Scott warned Friday that all of the state’s 20 million inhabitants should be prepared to evacuate as Hurricane Irma bears down for a direct hit on the southern US state. “The storm is powerful and deadly,” Scott said. “Do not ignore evacuation orders. “Remember, we can rebuild your home, we can’t rebuild your… Continue reading

Attached Garage

Flood Policy FYI: Detached Garages

If you live in a flood zone and have a detached garage one thing you might need to know is when to build that little piece of roof between the garage and the house and when not to. This comes up all the time and the worst time for the issue to be discussed, is after the fact. Don’t wait for the storm to hit to understand that $1000 in building materials may have paid for itself many times over in the event of a single loss.

If your garage is on the same grade as your main structure having that little bit of roof may increase your policy coverage from 10% of your total policy limit (for policies with at least 80% coverage) to full coverage since at that moment it is an attached structure and fully covered. If however you are elevating your home and not the garage, you’re most likely going to want to knock that breezeway out because your policy will be rated at the lowest point of the structure and with the attached garage….would be rated as if the entire risk is in the base flood zone. Ouch!!

Remember, you can never use your detached garage for farm use, residential space or business if you want it covered by your flood policy. It’s always the safest to have a good, reputable, flood broker take a look at your specific home and details to minimize your premium and maximize your coverage.

Have an amazing day and remember to CYA….Cover Your Assets!! ;-)

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