Forensic Estimating

For those who have been called upon to manage an insurance loss or grant proposals for catastrophic loss, you’ll understand the burden that comes with creating an estimate for your client that may include upgrades or code requirements that aren’t covered by their policy or program. It can be confusing at best and may even have clients walking away if they feel you can’t manage the full extent of the project. But we know that’s not true, the fact is many very good contractors and designers walk away from these projects due to the additional burdens that come with them.

You don’t have to take on the additional burdens that come with the proof of loss that the property owner is faced with to become a hero in the eyes of your clients while protecting your profit margins. That’s where our forensic estimating services come in. We take on the burden of sifting through photographs, historic aerial and ground imagery, engineering reports, and inspect the site to identify the scope of repairs necessary to bring the structure back to pre-loss condition (the basis for scoping a loss).

We provide sketches, 3d modeling, photo documentation and a full itemized scope of loss based on current fair market value for the geographic region. Sound like a lot? That’s because it is! It may not be rocket science but it does take away from the pace of your projects and places undue stress on your staff and balance sheet.

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