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The 2020 Kunshan & Schalke 04 Football Youth Training Camp graduation ceremony was held in Kunshan Sports Center on September 29th. Li Xiang, the principal of Kunshan Sports School, Ji Li, assistant to the principal of Kunshan Sports School, head of the coaching team of the Kunshan Schalke Youth Training Camp, and Conrad Ziesch, General Manager of Schalke 04 Football Club China, attended the graduation ceremony. A graduate student was awarded a graduation certificate and sent a message of blessings to the students of the Kunshan & Schalke 04 Football Youth Training Camp.


Li Xiang and Conrad Ziesch first send good wishes to all graduated players, and express their heartfelt gratitude to all levels of Kunshan departments that have provided continuous support to the youth training camp for a long time, and all the coaches and parents for their silent contribution. After the graduation certificate award ceremony was completed, 12 graduated players handed the new jerseys to the newly enrolled juniors and sisters. The spirit of the miner and the soul of blue and white are passed on at this moment; the future of the mining world and the blue and blue are manifested in this second.

李翔和康拉德·齐施首先向所有毕业的球员表示良好的祝愿,并向长期为青年训练营提供持续支持的昆山各级部门表示衷心的感谢,并感谢所有教练和家长的默默贡献。 。毕业证书颁发仪式结束后,有12名毕业球员将新球衣交给了刚入学的少年和姐妹们。矿工的精神和蓝色与白色的灵魂在这一刻得以传递。采矿世界的未来以及蓝色和蓝色在这一秒中得到体现。

Groups of young players who love football came to the youth training camp to immerse themselves in the purest German football style, learn advanced football techniques and tactics, and develop solid basic football skills. Let the excellent quality of Schalke 04 inherit a century of roots and grow up in Kunshan, a football paradise. The new slogan that the young players shouted in unison-"The future of the mining world, the blue is blue" resounded throughout the training ground, showing the football passion and unruly dreams of the Kunshan & Schalke 04 Youth Training Camp.


In August 2016, Schalke 04 Football Club officially launched the Kunshan & Schalke 04 Football Club training camp activities, and signed a tripartite strategic cooperation agreement with Kunshan Youth Football Development Center and Kunshan Sports Bureau. In October of the same year, the first training camp officially kicked off. 77 players and 8 coaches were selected to form the U12, U10 elite echelon, U9, U8 ordinary echelon, and 10 primary schools were selected for key support, and the Shahr was formed. Ke 04 Football Club Kunshan Campus Football Development League.


Beginning in 2017, Schalke 04 Football Club regularly sent a youth training team to Kunshan training camp to carry out coach training, and for three consecutive years received Kunshan training camp joint teams to visit the headquarters in Gelsenkirchen, Germany, and including Schal Ke 04, more than 20 German clubs of the same age, including Bayern Munich, exchanged friendly matches. In an interview with Germany, the young player Yang Xin once said: "The young players in Germany have a fast pace and a strong body. They basically made no mistakes in passing and receiving the ball. Playing against them makes us want to work hard to train to match them. I will do my best in training! It has strengthened my determination to move towards a career in football!"


Advanced training course system, international game exchange experience, and pure German football culture. At the same time, the time at the youth training camp is an unforgettable life experience for the students in Kunshan, China. Elite student representative Zhang Yihai at the graduation ceremony Shang said with emotion: "The football life in the Kunshan & Schalke training camp taught me not to be afraid of difficulties, to face the difficulties, not to be discouraged after failure, and to persevere until success."


In the past few years, Schalke 04 has made a series of professional and modern upgrades to the youth training system and youth training cooperation projects worldwide. While bringing the high-quality content of Schalke youth training to the world with a global perspective, it also pays attention to the differences in the development law of football youth training under different cultural backgrounds. In view of the physical conditions of the young players in the Kunshan & Schalke youth training camp, and the characteristics of both "football" and "learning" in the domestic football youth training system, Schalke 04 Football Club has carried out a localized reform of the traditional German training courses , And regularly conduct teaching seminars with the local Chinese coaching team in Kunshan, in order to find the best training model for the Kunshan young players.


Conrad Ziesch, General Manager of Schalke 04 China, concluded: "The cooperation between Schalke 04 Football Club and Kunshan is about to enter the fifth year. We are pleased with the cooperation and trust of both parties over the years; today’s graduation ceremony is exactly In the past few years, we have grown together and progressed together successfully. Looking forward to next year we can witness and celebrate the milestones of the five-year cooperation between the two sides. At the same time, new players and more coaches will come to Kunshan. Just like our new Chinese slogan this year What is said-the future of the mining world is green and blue, and we look forward to moving towards a better future together!"


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