Virtual Reconstruction

Virtual Reconstruction

When planning a substantial damage repair or reconstruction project you’re not always building back exactly what was there before. It’s a time when a property owner may take the opportunity to add on to the existing footprint or change things up all together. But for the purposes of indemnification from their insurance provider, grant program, or other service providers, the scope of work presented needs to be based on what was there and covered at the time.

Before you head off steaming over the fact that you need to not only provide a set of plans and project scope for what your client wants to build, but are tasked with the burden of providing a forensic scope and estimate for the loss, consider a virtual reconstruction and site measurement report.

By utilizing state of the art measurement tools based on satellite and air surveillance imagery we can virtually reconstruct the structure(s) present at the location at the time of the loss. You can use this as a stand alone report or complimentary to a full forensic estimate.

Either way, you can rest assured that outsourcing this task will allow you to stay on track with your project, provide documentation for your clients for submission to carriers, and most of all allow you to convey the professional image your business deserves.

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